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Whew, there sure are many names to describe Help Desk Software. One thing is clear: People need help! Organizations both large and small need to be able to provide support using simple, easy to understand tools. That’s where Kase Manager comes in.

No Installation Required

You don’t need to install any software to use Kase Manager. Our help desk software is completely web-based, so you can access Kase Manager from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Improve Your Response to Client Issues

Whether your clients are internal or external to your organization, using help desk software, like Kase Manager, can help you keep on top of both short term and ongoing issues.

Reduce Support Expenses

Using Kase Manager’s help desk software can reduce your support expenses in a number of ways, including:

  • Streamlined Case Entry to keep the time spent with clients focused on their issue instead of cumbersome data entry.
  • Timely Reports give you a clear picture of your support traffic and how your personnel handle the load making staffing/scheduling adjustments a snap.
  • Ongoing Issue Tracking allows your team to link related cases to a common ongoing issue making the cases easy to resolve when the ongoing issue is resolved.

In addition to those powerful tools, Kase Manager is free to use during our Beta period and will be very competitively priced after the Beta period.

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Who Uses Kase Manager?

Kase Manager has uses in a wide variety of settings, including: Inbound Call Centers, Internal and External Help Desks, Service Desks, and Technical Support Desks.

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