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About Kase Manager

Kase Manager is a simple, easy-to-use, web-based system to efficiently track individual client problems and ongoing multi-client issues.

What is the current state of Kase Manager?

Kase Manager is now in Beta testing. There is enough core functionality in place to get a lot of use out of the application while we continue to flesh out features.

We plan to launch the application in the third quarter of 2009.

How it Works

Organizations that use Kase Manager begin by establishing an organization account. Each account can have multiple users - each with their own username and password. Users keep track of client (or Contact) issues using Kases for individual problems and Issues for larger multi-client issues. Any number of Kases can be linked with an Issue while the issue is being worked on so you know which Kases to work on when the Issue is resolved.

Who We Are and Why We Created Kase Manager

Over the past 5 years Vita Rara, Inc has been working with large Fraternal organizations to provide a membership management system called MORI. As part of our service, we provide direct support to over 2000 end-users, many in their senior years. We developed Kase Manager to help us support those end-users. Prior to starting Vita Rara, Mark Menard and John Fitzpatrick worked together to build and run an Internet Service Provider (ISP) with a call center supporting over 25,000 users. We know what Help Desk software needs to do.

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Now in Beta!

Kase Manager is now in Beta testing. Sign Up for an immediate free trial during the Beta period.

Who Uses Kase Manager?

Kase Manager has uses in a wide variety of settings, including: Inbound Call Centers, Internal and External Help Desks, Service Desks, and Technical Support Desks.

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