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When will Kase Manager be out of Beta?

Kase Manager will be out of Beta toward the end of the second quarter of 2010.

Is there a charge for Kase Manager during the Beta period?

During the Beta, there is no charge to use Kase Manager. After the Beta period, there will be competitively priced plans available.

What is a Contact?

A Contact is a client that could be an individual Person or an Organization. If your account contains Organizations, Persons can be associated with the Organization.

What is a Kase?

A Kase is an instance of a Person’s having a support issue that needs to be addressed. If you were using Kase Manager to track end-user support for a software application, a Kase might be a user writing to you because they cannot install the software.

A Kase can be either open, meaning the Person still has a problem, or closed, meaning the Person’s problem has been resolved.

What is an Activity?

An Activity is an instance of a support user documenting their action(s) to resolve a Kase.

What are Tags?

Tags are single-word labels to arbitrarily identify Kases based on common characteristics. For example, if your help desk handles people accessing a network server, you might use Tags like “password_issue” or “quota_exceeded”. You can find and report on Kases by Tags.

What are Issues?

An issue represents an ongoing problem that affects multiple Persons. Kases can be associated with Issues allowing you to locate and resolve the Kases once the issue is resolved. For example, if you were doing software support and determined that your users cannot install your software on Windows Vista, you would have an issue for the inability to install under Windows Vista and individual Kases linked to the Issue for Persons that contact you while the Issue is ongoing. When the Issue is resolved, you can easily lookup and resolve the associated Kases.

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Who Uses Kase Manager?

Kase Manager has uses in a wide variety of settings, including: Inbound Call Centers, Internal and External Help Desks, Service Desks, and Technical Support Desks.

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