Kase Manager Support your clients

Kase Manager Makes Running a Help Desk Simple

Whether your help desk is geared toward serving internal or external clients, Kase Manager will make to work a snap.

Contact Tracking

In Kase Manager, Contacts consists of People and optional Organizations that group People together. For a small, internal Help Desk, you may want to forgo using Organizations. For large internal Help Desks, or larger external ones, Organizations can be a valuable tool to group People together to make them easier to find and report on. Do you have a database of clients already? Well, Kase Manager has an import tool to allow you to quickly import those clients.

Kase and Issue Tracking

Kase Manager allows you to track individual client issues (called Kases) and ongoing multi-client Issues to which individual Kases can be related. Each contact with a Person regarding a Kase is documented as an Activity on the Kase. When an ongoing Issue is resolved, the related Kases are right there at your fingertips.

Dashboard Views

The dashboard is a powerful tool that allows each user to view their Kase load. Managers can use the dashboard to view to overall status of the entire Help Desk.


Kase Manager’s extensive collection of reports puts crucial details within easy reach. Kases over time, Kases by user, Kases by Organization, etc. make seeing the forest for the trees as easy as clicking a mouse button.

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Who Should Use Kase Manager

Kase Manager has uses in a wide variety of settings, including:

Why Kase Manager?

Frankly, our choice of name is more about the practicality of branding than it is about spelling. Google counts 2.5 million pages with the phrase “Case Manager”. Compare that with 430 for “Kase Manager”. Which name would you choose?