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Kase Manager Makes Running An Inbound Call Center Easy

While originally designed with Help Desks in mind, we have made Kase Manager so easy to use that it is also the perfect solution for Inbound Call Centers.

Tracking Calls

In Kase Manager, every call either initializes a Kase or adds an Activity to an existing Kase. Kases are organized by Client, Client's Organization, Product, and Operator. With Kase Manager's streamlined interface, creating a Kase takes only a few seconds allowing the operator to give their full attention to the client. If you spend less time creating or retrieving Kases, your calls will be shorter and your expenses will be lesser.

Managing Operators

Kase Manager puts a number of tools at the disposal of Inbound Call Center Managers. Ongoing Kases can be reassigned at the discretion of managers. Dashboard views put the current status of the entire Call Center on the manager's screen. Extensive reporting allows the manager to dig into the data to quickly know which operators are the most effective and to spot emerging support trends.

Not Starting from Zero

If you are thinking of adopting Kase Manager for an existing Inbound Call Center, you can use the import utility to save hours of data entry by importing your existing customer base into the application. If necessary, you can re-import the data as often as desired without disturbing any work you have already done in Kase Manager should the need arise.

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Who Should Use Kase Manager

Kase Manager has uses in a wide variety of settings, including:

Why Kase Manager?

Frankly, our choice of name is more about the practicality of branding than it is about spelling. Google counts 2.5 million pages with the phrase “Case Manager”. Compare that with 430 for “Kase Manager”. Which name would you choose?