Kase Manager Support your clients

Running a Service Desk is Easy with Kase Manager

Kase Manager is the perfect tool to help your company run a Service Desk. “Support your clients” is our catch phrase. Keeping track of issues in a Customer centric fashion is the laser focus of the Kase Manager interface.

Tracking Customers

In Kase Manager, the action centers around your customers (Contacts). Contacts can be individual People or People who are part of Organizations. When a Contact contacts the Service Desk with an issue or complaint, a Kase can be created to track the Contact’s issue. Every action taken to resolve the clients Kase is tracked as an Activity. If there is a known Issue responsible for multiple Kases, the Issue can be created with the related Kases linked to it.

Dashboard Views

Every user and manager has a Dashboard view of what is going on across the Service Desk. Users can work their individual Kases and on-going Issues. Managers can see the bigger picture.


There is a large variety of useful reports available to make running the Service Desk efficiently a snap. View Kases over time, Kases by User, Kases by Organization, etc. Reporting is an invaluable tool in discovering emerging trends in the issues your customers are facing.

Import Existing Clients

Kase Manager provides an ability to import your customer base as Contacts, saving potentially hours or days of data entry. Contacts can be re-imported periodically to ensure that new customers are at your Service Desk user’s fingertips when they need to enter a Kase.

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Who Should Use Kase Manager

Kase Manager has uses in a wide variety of settings, including:

Why Kase Manager?

Frankly, our choice of name is more about the practicality of branding than it is about spelling. Google counts 2.5 million pages with the phrase “Case Manager”. Compare that with 430 for “Kase Manager”. Which name would you choose?