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Running a Technical Support Desk with Kase Manager is Simple

We originally wrote Kase Manager to help us provide Technical Support to over 2000 end users of a web-based membership tracking system. Prior to that, we managed an ISP that provided its own Technical Support for over 25,000 users. You could say, Technical Support is in our blood and it shows in Kase Manager.

Tracking Clients

Using Kase Manager, Technical Support can be provided for individual Clients (Contacts) as People or for People who are grouped of Organizations.

Tracking Support Issues

Kase Manager tracking individual Technical Support problems as Kases and ongoing multi-client effecting problems as Issues. Individual Kases can be associated with Issues to aid in the rapid resolution of open Kases when the underlying Issue is reolved.

Tracking Products

If you are providing Technical Support for more than one product, Kase Manager allows you to author a list of products, which can be associated with People, Kases or Issues.

Tagging Kases

To aid in the classification of Kases, Kase Manager provides the ability to tag Kases (e.g., password_reset). Reporting options allow you to view Kases over time based on the associated tags. Tagging is an invaluable tool in providing an instant view into emerging support problems allowing management to take steps to mitigate the volume of Technical Support traffic related to a single support tag.

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Who Should Use Kase Manager

Kase Manager has uses in a wide variety of settings, including:

Why Kase Manager?

Frankly, our choice of name is more about the practicality of branding than it is about spelling. Google counts 2.5 million pages with the phrase “Case Manager”. Compare that with 430 for “Kase Manager”. Which name would you choose?